Fabio Jenkins, better known as “Fab”, is the show’s quirky protagonist. He is a fashion stylist and former e-commerce entrepreneur whose main objective is to save people from fashion mishaps. Fab’s love of style was refined by his image consultant mother and exposure to diverse cultures that he had growing up as a military kid. Armed with his Fab Bag and a keen eye, he’ll smack the silly off of any wardrobe.

Laid-back Craig Kovac is the Fab Squad’s hair care expert. Originally from southern Ohio, he moved to the “big city” (a.k.a. Cleveland) to study sculpture at a local art school. It was here that Craig became fascinated with the intricate and often colorful hairstyles worn by many women in the city. He decided to switch to cosmetology and has been creating masterpieces ever since.

Bianca Colón is the Fab Squad’s clever (and perfectionist) skincare and makeup guru. She is the oldest child of Fab’s father’s sister and the renowned musician, Ramón Colón. Determined to escape her famous father’s shadow, Bianca worked as a management consultant on the East Coast after college. She then returned to Cleveland for a change of pace and shifted to a career in the beauty industry.

Cleveland Musketeers’ star player, Kieron Aimes, is a NBA MVP and Eternally 16 spokesperson. He was born and raised in Youngstown, where he excelled in multiple sports. He was eventually given a basketball scholarship to a private high school that’s known for having a ridiculously good team. Upon graduation, Kieron played for The Ohio State Buckeyes for two years before being drafted into the NBA.

Kassie Kevorkian is a motel heiress, television and social media personality, businesswoman, model, actress, DJ, and Eternally 16 spokesperson. Born in Los Angeles into an equally overexposed family, she has managed to build an empire along with her sisters, Kara and Kristina. She recently wrapped filming for a reality TV show, where she was sent to do labor on an Amish farm.

Percival Mann is the heir of a prominent British tea company and a bit of a misfit. This zany chap is also Fab’s ex-friend. Unfortunately things did not end well between the two.